Alumni Speak

    Dear Mr. Derrick,

Thank you so much for all your hard work! Years from now when people ask me where I got my mad math skills, I'll tell them with pride, Peter Derrick, the best math teach ever. Not only have I learned such cool things as finding the sum of an infinite number, which I show people how to do quite often, but also things that will help me in college and life. One of the things I remember you saying is that you shouldn't just sit and stare at a problem but start writing something out. I think that's a good way to look at a lot of problems whether in math or not. You cannot run sitting down, you have to stand up first.
    Well I hope you have many good years of teaching and that God blesses you and Mrs. Derrick as much as you guys bless others.
    - Julia

Frankly, all I can say to you is thank you! It wasn't until I began learning math from you that I began to understand my career path. When you exposed my little cheating and called me gifted in math, it gave me a confidence I didn't know I had. You taught me much more than math. You taught me how to be confident, and to admit when I'm wrong; skills that carried me through school and will as an engineer. I truly owe you more than I can say.
    Thank you, NR

"Thank you so much for pouring time into teaching math! I feel like you teach it in a way that really makes sense!" - Amy

    Hi Mrs. Derrick!

I recently discovered that you were on Facebook. I wanted you to know that you and your husband were instrumental in my education as a child in homeschool. The preparation I received was resoundingly superior to the education of my peers when I was put in public education. I am now working for my doctorate in Mathematics at the University of Rochester. I had my heart set on teaching math ever since I was taught by Mr. Derrick over a decade ago. While I never had your class, I still wanted to give some thanks to you both for helping me get where I am now.
    - Michael