Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide each student with an excellent foundation in mathematics, under Godly instruction, in a Godly environment.

Because math is a subject which requires carefully thought out and skilled methods of teaching in order to transfer understanding, we recommend that you provide your child with skilled instruction beginning at the Math 76 level. If we begin working with your child at least by Algebra ½, you can be assured that they will have a firm grounding in arithmetic. This in turn will give them a solid foundation on which to build algebraic knowledge. Higher math will then become a joyful journey of discovery rather then a fruitless attempt to memorize seemingly unrelated procedures.

Our math program will take a capable and fired-up student all the way thru Calculus and prepare him or her for the AP Calculus Examination which awards college credit for outstanding performance by high school students.

Why Saxon?

The Saxon curriculum uses a gentle repetition over an extended period of time. This allows higher level skills to become automatic in a natural way. In a very short time most students develop a confidence both in their knowledge level and in their ability to tackle new material. New students beginning the curriculum generally improve several grade levels on standardized tests.

"Thank you so much for teaching again this year. I learned a lot and now understand math to a whole other level. Unfortunately you will have to see me again next year for Advanced Math."
    - Blake